Sitecore Developer Bundle

Sitecore Developer Bundle

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The training is priced from $ 600.00 USD per participant


Sitecore Developer Bundle

Purchasing enrollment into the Sitecore Developer Bundle includes access to the following content:

Note: The content and exam apply to developing for both Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) and Sitecore Experience Platform (XP).

Once enrolled in the Developer Bundle, you will receive instructions on how to register for the exam and a voucher code. The exam code will only be valid for 3 months, while the learning content will be available for up to 12 months. You can register to take the exam with an online proctored service in an established testing center or at home. When you pass the exam, you will become a Sitecore Certified Professional.

Target Audience: Customers and Partners looking to update to the Sitecore XM and XP 10.

Development with Sitecore 9

The Development with Sitecore 9 Collection will give new Sitecore developers first-hand experience developing a single site solution with Sitecore. The Collection is designed to help you build a simple solution with Sitecore XP or Sitecore XM from the ground up and to teach you how to build templates, pages, layouts, and more using the Sitecore MVC development methodologies. Once you complete this Collection, you will have a simple site built and ready for customization. 

Development with Sitecore 10

The Development with Sitecore 10 Collection includes introductory content highlighting the key features released with Sitecore XP and XM 10. Starting with an overview, learners will explore the Sitecore Content Serialization tools, how Sitecore natively supports container deployment, and how to develop headlessly with Sitecore’s ASP.NET Core Rendering SDK. Each additional module focuses on one of the three topics by digging deeper into specific considerations and skills necessary to use each feature. The last module allows developers to practice the skills and concepts learned throughout the Collection by creating components with the Getting Started template in a headless, container-based Sitecore Experience Platform 10 environment.  

System Administration with Sitecore 10

The Introduction to Administration with Sitecore Experience Platform 10 eLearning in the System Administration with Sitecore 10 Collection is designed to help you manage, maintain, and maximize your Sitecore solution’s performance for the long term. This content will give you a foundational understanding of how Sitecore XP or XM work and how you can perform key System Administrator tasks, such as create a user or optimize the workflow.  

Certification exam

The Sitecore 10 .NET Developer Certification Exam tests candidates on the critical competencies required to develop and administer Sitecore XP 10 and Sitecore XM 10. Exam details will be provided upon enrollment into the Developer Bundle Study Guide.

Certification benefits  

For individuals, formal Sitecore certification allows you to demonstrate your expertise to your industry network and increase your visibility in the professional job marketplace.  

For organizations, benefits include helping you hire Sitecore 10 .NET Developer expertise and differentiating you in the marketplace of Sitecore 10 .NET Developer solution providers.  


This exam is intended for developers. We recommend you meet the following prerequisites before taking the Sitecore 10 .NET Developers Certification Exam:  

  • At least one-year of prior experience developing on the Sitecore XP solution. 
  • Complete Learning@Sitecore’s Development with Sitecore 9 eLearning. 
  • Complete Learning@Sitecore’s Development with Sitecore 10 eLearning.  
  • Complete Learning@Sitecore’s Introduction to Administration with Sitecore Experience Platform 10 eLearning

To pass the Sitecore 10 .NET Developer Certification Exam, you will also need to be proficient in the exam competencies. We recommend you prepare by participating in Learning@Sitecore training opportunities, enrolling in, and completing our free study guide, reviewing Sitecore’s developer documentation, and speaking with others within the Sitecore development community at large.  

Exam competencies

To be certified in Sitecore 10 .NET Developer you are expected to have fundamental knowledge, skills, and abilities in seven distinct areas, known as competencies:  

  • Competency 1: Sitecore structure & platform
  • Competency 2: Security & user management
  • Competency 3: Item management
  • Competency 4: Layout & placeholders
  • Competency 5: Components, controls, & renderings
  • Competency 6: Sitecore Content Serialization
  • Competency 7: Containers

Exam format

The Sitecore 10 .NET Developer Certification Exam is a multiple-choice exam proctored through Kryterion Webassessor. To pass the exam and earn certification, you must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly. If you earn lower than the minimum score and want to try again, you will need to repurchase the exam for full price through Kryterion Webassessor.  

Note: The exam and its contents are confidential and proprietary to Sitecore.

Open or closed book

The Sitecore 10 .NET Developer Certification Exam is closed book. You will not be permitted to refer to notes, study guides, training materials, web searches, installations, or other software when taking the exam on Kryterion Webassessor.  

Purchasing your exam on Kryterion Webassessor  

You must purchase your exam and register for an exam appointment with our third-party testing service, Kryterion Webassessor. The price of the exam is $350 USD.

  • More details about purchasing your exam through Kryterion Webassessor can be found in the free study guide (enroll below). 
  • All Sitecore certification exams are proctored through Kryterion Webassessor.
  • If you earn less than 80% and would like to try again, you will need to repurchase the exam through Kryterion Webassessor.