Sitecore Content Hub Mock Installations Bundle

Sitecore Content Hub Mock Installations Bundle

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Complete your training on Content Hub’s DAM by actively engaging in a Mock implementation of both Professional and Enterprise DAM for a fictitious company.


This training encompasses two 5-day courses during which you will learn the implementation process for both professional- and enterprise-level projects. After receiving customer requirements for a fictitious company, you will learn to implement those requirements with instructor oversight while using a fresh Content Hub sandbox.

The Professional Mock DAM implementation consists of two main segments: administering and developing. The administering segment accounts for approximately three days of the training and covers the following topics: Schema design and modeling; UI configuration and theming (including search pages, mass editing, faceted and advanced searches); Media Processing; Digital Rights Management, Data Import from Excel, Reporting and Security.

The final two days are focused on the developing segment consisting of four typical Developer exercises around the following topics: Actions scripts; Actions and triggers to implement business requirements; Developing REST like API calls via restricted action scripts; External Page components, JavaScript and Search API; Metadata processing scripts.

The Enterprise Mock DAM implementation guides you in working with a professional- to enterprise-level project using Sitecore Content Hub as a Digital Asset Management platform. This course builds on the knowledge and application you gained from the Sitecore Content Hub Professional Mock DAM Implementation course. By working through assisted self-guided practices, live demonstrations, and interactive sharing and review sessions, you will learn how to implement the Content Hub DAM Enterprise platform for a fictitious company.

The sessions listed below as "Online" (instead of listing a specific city/classroom) are scheduled for virtual attendance.


10 Days


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Display a practical understanding of Sitecore Content Hub capabilities
  • Analyze customer data and adapt the domain model to support the data
  • Import legacy system data into Sitecore Content Hub
  • Implement brand and UI requirements
  • Implement DRM contracts
  • Manage media processing requirements
  • Secure assets
  • Provide reports on historical and live data
  • Apply the fundamentals of domain free modeling with Sitecore Content Hub
  • Sketch and build a custom domain model
  • Establish the metadata requirements for an Enterprise DAM implementation
  • Import custom metadata requirements into Content Hub
  • Import custom metadata requirements into Content Hub
  • Import and export data for implementation/data migration purposes and mass edits
  • Create Content Hub themes and set up multi-brand custom homepages
  • Set up security policies and user group access
  • Organize Content Hub assets using media processing
  • Implement entity printing
  • Execute workflow on custom entity definitions
  • Create advanced schema and basic scripting
  • Develop advanced scripting


This training targets Administrators and Developers who require the knowledge for implementing the Content Hub DAM at both the professional and enterprise levels.


Successful completion of the Sitecore Content Hub Fundamentals digital course.

Setup Requirements

Each attendee will need to have a laptop with WiFi. For this training, we'll use a sandbox environment. The access to the sandbox must be requested and established prior to attending this class.

Request a training sandbox after enrollment via email to: .