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Sitecore Content Hub Administrator Certification

Sitecore Content Hub Administrator Certification


The Sitecore Content Hub Administrator Certification Exam will test your knowledge regarding the administration of Sitecore Content Hub. To successfully earn certification, you will need to pass a 50-question, multiple-choice exam. Earning this certification provides a range of benefits to both individuals and organizations. Some of the benefits for individuals include:

  • Formal Sitecore certification
  • Access to Sitecore support services if you belong to an organization that has a support agreement
  • Increased career visibility within the professional job marketplace 

For organizations, benefits include helping you hire Sitecore Content Hub expertise, as well as differentiating you in the marketplace of Sitecore solution providers.


What's Included?

Your exam enrollment includes the following:

  • Enrollment in the study guide for the Sitecore Content Hub Administrator Certification Exam on Learning@Sitecore.
  • A three-month voucher to register for an exam proctoring appointment through Kryterion Webassessor.


While there are no specific prerequisites that you must meet to take the certification exam, we recommend that you have prior experience administering Sitecore Content Hub. We also suggest that you take the Content Hub Fundamentals Collection and the instructor-led Professional and Enterprise Mock implementations as those learnings have been designed to support exam preparation. Finally, we recommend you allow yourself ample time to study the knowledge, skills, and abilities covered in the Content Hub Administrator competencies as you prepare for the exam.

Exam Competencies:

Certified Sitecore Content Hub Administrators will be expected to have fundamental knowledge, skills, and abilities in 12 distinct areas regarding Sitecore Content Hub administration:

  • Schema Design 
  • UI Configuration: Search Component and Mass Edit 
  • Branding and Theme, Custom Home Pages 
  • Media Processing 
  • Digital Rights Management 
  • Data Import and Export 
  • Security: Basic and Advanced 
  • Reporting 
  • Enterprise Domain Model: Schema and Metadata Management 
  • UI and Advanced Pages 
  • Entity Printing 
  • Create and Configure a New Workflow 

Exam Format:

The Sitecore Content Hub Administrator Certification Exam is comprised of 50 multiple-choice questions that are related to the administration of both the Professional and Enterprise implementations of Sitecore Content Hub. You must correctly answer 80% of the multiple-choice questions to pass the exam and earn certification.

If you score lower than 80%, you will have to repurchase the exam to try again.

Please note that the entire exam, including your exam voucher code, is confidential and proprietary.

Open or Closed Book:

The Sitecore Content Hub Administrator Certification Exam is closed book. You will not be allowed to refer to notes, study guides, training materials, web searches, Sitecore Content Hub installations, or other software when taking the test on Webassessor.

Information about proctoring through Webassessor:

  • All Sitecore Certification exams are required to be proctored exams given by Webassessor.
    • You can register for an online or in-person proctoring of the exam through Webassessor.
    • Note that about 55% of KTN testing centers, closed temporarily due to COVID-19, have begun to re-open with reduced capacity or testing schedules in order to comply with local health guidelines.
    • A list of currently open centers can be found on the test-center-locator page.
    • You can find a daily, updated list of closed test centers on the Kryterion website.
  • Exam retakes