*UPDATED* Content Hub 4 Professional Mock DAM Implementation – Instructor-Led Training

*UPDATED* Content Hub 4 Professional Mock DAM Implementation – Instructor-Led Training

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Implement instructions given in the Content Hub™ fundamentals training by working through a guided Mock DAM implementation of Sitecore Content Hub features. A sandbox is provided with the course and will run for 30 days from the first day of class. All mock implementations must be submitted at least one week before the expiration of the sandbox, preferably in the week following the last day of class.


During this training, you will receive example customer requirements and learn how to implement them using a Content Hub sandbox that you receive for free with the course. This four-day training (with an optional fifth day on Friday for Q&A) has two components:  

  • The first two-day part covers administrator topics, and the last two days are reserved for developer training.  
  • The administrator component covers the following topics: (1) Schema design and data modeling, (2) Themes and UI configuration, (3) Media Processing, (4) Digital Rights Management (DRM), (5) Data Import using MS-Excel, (6) Reporting, and (7) Security.  
  • The last two days cover developer-related topics that focus on understanding and learning how to implement internal integrations and deep customizations to the platform by using the C# scripting host with the Triggers and Actions API. In this part, developers will learn how to: (1) Develop a media processing script that process assets at time of ingestion into the DAM, (2) How to customize the Asset detail page using an external page component in conjunction with JavaScript, (3) How to develop a REST API for access via HTTP POST, and (4) How to develop a script that implements business logic, email all administrators when an asset is rejected.  

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