Sitecore Headless Services for JSS Workshop

Sitecore Headless Services for JSS Workshop

Sitecore Headless Services for JSS Workshop


Provides understanding of the key benefits, features and concepts of JSS for Sitecore 9.3 and instruction on creating, building the JSS app and connecting it to Sitecore.


This workshop is a hands-on event introducing the concepts of a Sitecore CMS and the way JSS expands these capabilities into the headless realm for a faster, more flexible Sitecore implementation. Learners will create a JSS app from a sample React app template, create and edit components, use the Sitecore Layout Service, and deploy the JSS app to Sitecore. Upon completion, learners will have practical knowledge of developing Sitecore sites using JavaScript SDK(JSS). The sessions listed below as "Online" (rather than listing a specific city/classroom) are scheduled for virtual attendance.


2 Days


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create a JSS app from a sample template
  • Develop a JSS app without Sitecore being in disconnected mode
  • Connect a JSS app to Sitecore Run a JSS app in different application modes
  • Understand the difference between code-first and Sitecore-first development workflows


This course is recommended for Sitecore developers with basic React skills who are working on Sitecore projects which adopt JSS. It is specifically geared toward for Sitecore Developers while also benefitting React, Angular and Vue developers.


Basic understanding of Sitecore and React development.

Setup requirements

Each attendee will need to have a laptop with WiFi. If you are planning to use a PC for the course, you will use Remote Desktop Connection, which is embedded in Windows. If you are using a Mac, we recommend downloading the Microsoft Remote Desktop application. For this training, we'll use an online virtual machine, accessed through a public IP address. We suggest you work with your IT team to ensure that you are able to turn off any VPN software and confirm that there are no security policies that will cause any access limitations.

Upcoming classes

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