Security: Configuring Users and Roles for Administrators

Security: Configuring Users and Roles for Administrators

Security: Configuring Users and Roles for Administrators


Designated instruction on configuring users and roles in the Sitecore Experience Platform version 9.3.


This half-day workshop is designed for System Administrators who want to learn about the Sitecore XP 9.3 predefined roles for quick user assignments. You will participate in hands-on labs to gain familiarity with the Security management tools, Sitecore pre-defined roles, Launchpad applications, and customizing applications. In addition, the workshop includes recommended practices and an end-of-course quiz. The sessions listed below as "Online" (instead of listing a specific city/classroom) are scheduled for virtual attendance.


3 hours


By the end of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Identify and define the presets for users and roles
  • Understand and apply the policies to the roles
  • Use serialization to share users and roles across environments
  • Set up role inheritance


This workshop benefits Sitecore System Administrators.


Learners should have successfully completed either the virtual Web Experience Management class or the digital learning Web Experience Management Collection.

Setup requirements

Each attendee will need to have a laptop with WiFi and two browsers installed. If you are planning to use a PC for the course, you will use Remote Desktop Connection, which is embedded in Windows. If you are using a Mac, we recommend downloading the Microsoft Remote Desktop application. For this workshop, we'll use an online virtual machine, accessed through a public IP address. We suggest you work with your IT team to ensure that you are able to turn off any VPN software and confirm that there are no security policies that will cause any access limitations.

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