Context Marketing Fundamentals 9.3

Context Marketing Fundamentals 9.3

Context Marketing Fundamentals 9.3


With this two-day course, you will learn about Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) 9.3 Marketing features and how to use them to deliver relevant content to customers.


The sessions listed below as "Online" (instead of listing a specific city/classroom) are scheduled for virtual attendance. Gain the insight that you need to improve conversion rates and generate more qualified leads through web, email, mobile and social channels.


2 Days


    By the end of this course, students will be able to:

    • Identify their most valuable marketing spend
    • Use personalization to increase the relevance of their content
    • Deliver targeted messaging to visitors
    • Test and optimize content
    • Get important insights through Experience Analytics
    • Gain desired results by “failing faster”
    • Gain a high-level understanding of Sitecore XP capabilities and related products


The target audience is Marketers, Marketing Analysts, Marketing Directors, and Customer Service Representatives. The course will also benefit Developers and Merchandisers or anyone who is new to the Sitecore platform.


Students should have successfully completed the Sitecore XP Web Experience Management (WEM) course.

Setup requirements

Each attendee will need to have a laptop with WiFi.

For this training, we'll use an online virtual machine. If you are planning to use a PC for the course, you will use Remote Desktop Connection, which is embedded in Windows. If you are using a Mac, we recommend downloading the Microsoft Remote Desktop application.

The virtual machines are accessed through a public IP address. We suggest you work with your IT team to ensure that you are able to turn off any VPN software and to confirm that there are no security policies that will cause any access limitations.

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Virtual Malaysia Nov 17 – Nov 18
Virtual Japan Nov 25 – Nov 26
Dec 16 – Dec 17
Virtual UK Dec 2 – Dec 3

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