Study Guide: Sitecore CDP and Personalize Certification Exam

Study Guide: Sitecore CDP and Personalize Certification Exam

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Certification exam study guide  

The free study guide for the Sitecore CDP and Personalize Certification Exam contains details about the exam format, resources to help you prepare for the exam, and a set of practice questions. Your enrollment in the study guide will be valid for six months, at which point you may need to re-enroll.  

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Certification exam description 

The Sitecore CDP and Personalize Certification Exam tests candidates on the critical competencies required to get Sitecore CDP and Personalize (formally Boxever) up and running. Earning this certification provides a range of benefits to individuals and organizations.  

Benefits for individuals include the following:  

  • Formal Sitecore certification 
  • Increased career visibility within the professional job marketplace

For organizations, benefits include helping you hire Sitecore CDP and Personalize expertise and differentiating you in the marketplace of Sitecore CDP and Personalize solution providers. 


This exam is intended for technical roles such as developers. We recommend you meet the following prerequisites to take the Sitecore CDP and Personalize Certification Exam: 

  • Knowledge of web technologies and experience with REST APIs, JSON, and data transformation 
  • Experience in JavaScript, Python, and other scripting languages 
  • Experience in A/B testing, personalization, and segmentation


To pass the Sitecore CDP and Personalize Certification Exam, you will also need to be proficient in the exam competencies. We recommend you prepare by participating in available Sitecore training opportunities, enrolling in and completing our free study guide, and reviewing Sitecore CDP and Personalize documentation. 

Exam competencies 

To be certified in Sitecore CDP and Personalize, you are expected to have fundamental knowledge, skills, and abilities (competencies) in six distinct areas: 

  • Sitecore CDP and Personalize Platform  
  • Solution Design 
  • Integrations 
  • Experiences  
  • Performance Measurement 
  • Operational Maintenance

Exam format 

The Sitecore CDP and Personalize Certification Exam is a multiple-choice exam proctored through Webassessor. To pass the exam and earn certification, you must score at least 80%; if you score lower and want to retake, you will need to repurchase the exam. 

Note: The entire exam is confidential and proprietary. 

Open or closed book: 

The Sitecore CDP and Personalize Certification Exam is closed book. You will not be allowed to refer to notes, study guides, training materials, web searches, Sitecore installations, or other software when taking the test on Kryterion Webassessor. 

Purchasing your exam on Kryterion Webassessor 

You must purchase your exam and register for an exam appointment with our third-party testing service, Kryterion Webassessor. The exam will cost you $350 USD. 

  • All Sitecore certification exams are proctored through Webassessor. 
  • You can register for an online or in-person proctoring of the exam through Webassessor. 
  • Note that about 55% of KTN testing centers, closed temporarily due to COVID-19, have begun to reopen with reduced capacity or testing schedules in compliance with local health guidelines. 
  • A list of currently open centers can be found on the test-center-locator page
  • You can find a daily updated list of closed test centers on the Kryterion website. 
  • You may retake the exam for a passing score. 
  • If you fail to pass the certification exam, retakes can be purchased for $350 USD on Webassessor’s website.