Web Experience Management Collection

Web Experience Management Collection




This Album is for Marketers who are new to the Horizon platform. Completing this Album will enable marketers to accelerate their web experience management. They’ll be able to leverage Horizon’s page-focused intuitive interface, which makes it easy for marketers to edit and optimize content.

There are three Singles in the Album. Each Single then has three Tracks, formerly known as tasks, which can be consumed in diverse ways: a combination of reading, listening, watching, or practicing.


The WEM collection includes the following Albums:

  • Prepare for Web Experience Management (3h)
  • Design and Edit in the Sitecore® Experience Editor  (3h 30m)
  • Organize Items in the Sitecore® Content Editor  (3h 30m)
  • Control Access and Publishing in Workbox (2h 30m)
  • Create the Experience of Personalization (3h)
  • Accelerate Experience Management with Horizon (2h)


365 Days