Managed Cloud Collection

Managed Cloud Collection


The Sitecore Managed Cloud Collection will help your organization reduce operational costs and deployment risks, as well as improve time to market. The Collection is designed for Sitecore customers and Partners who are getting started with Managed Cloud and need an overview of where to begin. The guidance from this collection covers the topics of getting started with Managed Cloud, capacity planning, deploying your solution, and engaging with Managed Cloud support. Completing this collection will enable Application Managers, Administrators, and Architects to ensure the websites they are building maintain peak performance in the cloud while reducing deployment and management tasks.

The Managed Cloud Collection includes the following Albums:

  • Getting Started with Managed Cloud (4h)
  • Capacity Planning for Managed Cloud (6h)
  • Deploy Your Solution to Managed Cloud (6h 30m)
  • Engage with Managed Cloud Support (5h)


365 Days

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