Experience with Sitecore

Experience with Sitecore


Learn how to build personalized customer experiences with Sitecore in these modules: 

Technical Essentials 

  • Sitecore 10 Development Features Overview 
    • Get introduced to our Sitecore 10 development content. This module examines the benefits of developing with Sitecore 10, including increased developer productivity, lower cost of ownership, and faster start-up times for a Sitecore 10 project. You will also be introduced to Sitecore 10 Containers, Content Serialization, and the ASP.NET Core Rendering SDK. 
  • Sitecore JSS Fundamentals 
    • Designed for Sitecore Developers and JavaScript developers, this module covers how to build web applications using the JSS software development kit (SDK). You will also learn how to create a complex single-page application that includes components, routes, and custom route types by using a supported JavaScript framework on any operating system.

Marketing Essentials 

  • Design and Edit in the Sitecore Experience Editor 
    • Dive into the features and functionalities of the Experience Editor. This module looks at the basics of editing access for users and how users engage with edit mode. You will also be introduced to design mode, associated content, and publishing. 
  • Prepare for Web Experience Management 
    • Learn about the advantages of Sitecore for Content Marketers in this module. You will explore the fundamental capabilities of Sitecore products such as Sitecore Experience Manager and Sitecore Experience Platform.  You will also examine the Sitecore Launchpad and the tools that are available to Administrators, Content Authors, or other types of content publishers.  
  • Utilize Sitecore Marketing Features 
    • Delve into the marketing features available with Sitecore. Starting with strategic objectives, you will learn about tracking visitor engagement and assigning engagement values to help ensure that marketing efforts are effective.


1 minute

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