Digital Marketing Optimization Collection

Digital Marketing Optimization Collection



The Digital Marketing Optimization Collection will help you deliver a personalized experience to your users by implementing visitor data collection and Machine Learning. With the Digital Marketing Optimization course, you will be able to get a complete overview of your customer by tracking their journeys, storing their data, and examining their journey results. This information will allow you to deliver targeted content personalization and ensure the optimal customer experience.

The DMO collection includes the following Albums:

  • Utilize Sitecore® Marketing Features (3h 30m)
  • Deliver an Enriched 360 View of the User Experience (3h)
  • Create and Use Campaigns to Trigger Measurable Actions (3h)
  • Implement Targeted Marketing Automation (3h 30m)
  • Utilize Machine Learning (3h)
  • Personalization and Experience Optimization (5h)


365 Days