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Development with Sitecore 10

Development with Sitecore 10


The Developer’s Fundamentals 10 Collection includes introductory Albums which highlight the key features released with Sitecore v10. Starting with an overview, learners will explore the Sitecore Content Serialization tools, how Sitecore natively supports container deployment, and how to develop headlessly with Sitecore’s ASP.NET Core Rendering SDK. Each additional Album focuses on one of the three topics by digging deeper into specific considerations and skills necessary to use each feature. The last Album provides Developers an opportunity to practice the skills and concepts learned throughout the Collection by creating components with the Getting Started template in a headless, container Sitecore Experience Platform 10 environment.

The Developer’s Fundamentals 10 Collection includes the following Albums:

  • Sitecore 10 Development Features Overview (3h)
  • Introduction to Sitecore Content Serialization 10 (3h)
  • Get Started with Containers for Sitecore (4h)
  • Introduction to the Sitecore ASP.NET Core Rendering SDK (2h 45m)
  • Developing with the ASP.NET Core Rendering SDK(2h 30m)


1 minute