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Developer's Fundamentals 9.3 Collection

Developer's Fundamentals 9.3 Collection


The Developer's Fundamentals Collection will give new Sitecore developers first-hand experience developing a single site solution with Sitecore. The Collection is designed to help you build a simple solution from the ground up and to teach you how to build templates, pages, layouts, and more. Once you complete this Collection, you will have a simple site built and ready for customization.

The Developer’s Collection includes the following Albums:

  • Get Started with Your Sitecore® Environment (4h)
  • Get Hands on with Sitecore® Templates (3h 30m)
  • Build Website Pages with Sitecore® Components (7h)
  • Understand and Execute Search (4h)
  • Customize Your User Experience with Advance Features (3h 30m)
  • Finalize Your Site to Go Live! (3h 30m)

Please note:

Recent patches for Sitecore 9 have caused the Clothing Company Project files used in this collection to no longer function appropriately. We are in the process of addressing these issues and expect to release a fix in May 2022. In the meantime, the information within the Collection remains relevant to Sitecore 9.3 but we do not recommend using the project files. If you are looking for eLearning on Sitecore 10, please refer to the Sitecore Essentials eLearning and the Developer's Fundamentals 10 Collection. Thank you!


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