Content Hub 4 Fundamentals Collection

Content Hub 4 Fundamentals Collection


The Sitecore Content Hub 4 Collection is designed for Sitecore customers and partners who are implementing and managing the Content Hub solution. In this Collection, you will learn the fundamentals for using, administering, and developing your Content Hub products.

Please note that this course does not provide Proof of Completion for customers. Sitecore customers must complete this Collection to gain access to the Sitecore Support Portal.

Sitecore partners wishing to obtain Specialization must complete this course to continue to the Instructor-led Professional Mock Implementation. Proof of Completion is only required for Sitecore partners at this time.

To receive Proof of Completion, partners must complete this entire Collection. The Collection includes the following Albums:

  • Utilizing Content Hub DAM (3h)
  • Administering Content Hub DAM (2h 30m)
  • Developing for Content Hub DAM (2h 30m)

In the Utilizing Content Hub Album, you will explore end-user features contained within Content Hub's products. The Album is presented in Sitecore’s Free-form Learning model; you can choose which Lab suits your preferred learning style.

In the Administering Content Hub Album, you will discover the configuration and administrative capabilities of Content Hub that help Administrators streamline the content-management life cycle. In the Developing on Content Hub Album, you will learn the development functionalities and capabilities of Content Hub that enable you to fast-track website integrations and designs as a Developer. These Albums are presented in Sitecore’s Sequential Learning model; you will need to complete the lessons in the specified order.



As a Sitecore partner, you must purchase a training sandbox for the exercises alongside the training content. For any questions relating to sandboxes or creating them from the portal, reach out to


As a Sitecore customer, your sandbox is included in the price of the Product Solution and set up to run for a 30-day period. To access your sandbox, you must send a request to include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Role
  • Date to start the sandbox


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